Quartux Design and Control tailored to your company

We design, install and operate an industrial battery system that is managed through our software to ensure the greatest energy saving impact.
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How we help you save energy in your company

The problem:
The energy you consume is charged on an hourly basis with periods where energy is up to 6 times more expensive.
Our solution:
We use our software with artificial intelligence to store electricity in a battery system. 

With Quartux Control we charge energy at the cheapest time to optimize the energy consumption of your company.

How does our smart energy saving solution work?

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We create a diagnosis of your electricity bill

We make an analysis of your energy consumption and propose a solution with consumption recommendations free of charge.

Diseño e Instalación

We design and install the optimal battery for your profile

We design a customized system to operate according to your energy needs, generating savings, improving the quality of your energy and avoiding interruptions.

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Monitor the real-time operation of your system

We give you access to your personalized control panel where you can monitor the energy parameters of your company as well as the operation of the storage system.

Quartux Design and Control, tailored to your company

Turnkey  solution
4 Month calendar
Installation in less than 4 months
Sistema modular
Modular and adaptable


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Solar + Storage
Design + Storage
Energy quality improvement
(Grid Code)
Peak shaving
Instant backup
Wholesale electricity market
(Qualified supply)
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