Quartux integration scheme

How much could you save on your electric bill

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The Problem

Why are some companies saving more than 40% on their electricity bill?

In the last few years, the electrical infrastructure of our country has become deeply unstable. This has happened as a result of many factors, such as the increase in renewable, solar, or wind power plants.

Stirring of the problem

Therefore, it is possible that in recent months you may have experienced any of the following situations:

• Blackouts and interruptions.
• Poor quality of electrical energy.
• Increase in the cost of your electricity bill.

General solution to the problem

Today, storage systems are an extraordinary alternative to greatly reduce reliability problems in the stability of the electrical network.

The Quartux solution

Welcome to the smart way to store energy in your company. Are you ready to save more than 40% on your electricity bill, improve the quality of the energy, and forget about blackouts and interruptions?

Share your info with us, tell us approximately how much you spend on electricity per month, and we will send you a personalized analysis with great benefits that can be applied immediately, so that you can generate substantial savings in your electricity consumption.

As if that weren’t enough, you will have access to one hour of consultancy –free of charge– with one of our experts, where you will learn about success stories from companies like yours.