Join the Quartux partner network

As a partner, you will get instant access to design, installation, and technology training necessary to carry out an energy storage project.

What is the Quartux Partner Network?

The Quartux Partner Network is focused on accompanying its members throughout the entire process of design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of energy management systems for any application required by its end customers.

Make your project more attractive

With the support of the Quartux Partner Network, your company will be qualified to carry out any energy storage project.

Get all the economic benefits

Your company will enjoy all the benefits of the sale of the system, with a 100% profit from the sale of the equipment.

Increase the margins of your project

With the ability to install storage, your company and your customers will be able to get more out of a solar project, micro-networks, or any other energy project.

Who can join?

Any energy company looking to improve its value proposition

Solar companies

Learn about our success stories in solar+battery projects

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Energy efficiency companies

Learn about our success stories with microgrid applications, energy, quality improvement, monitoring
and control.

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Become an expert in batteries

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