Welcome to the smart way to save and store energy in your company

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With our tailor-made technology you can:
Save up to 40% on your electricity bill
Improve the quality of your energy
Forget about blackouts and interruptions

We design an intelligent storage solution that adapts to your energy consumption

Control Panel
Lithium-ion batteries

We design and install battery systems of the highest technology internationally with certifications and long-term guarantees.

Software de control Quartux
Quartux Control Software 

We develop an intelligent controller that understands your energy needs and adapts to them to maximize your savings.


Energías renovables
Integration with renewable energies
Modular y adaptable
Modular and adaptable
Calidad de energía
Improved power quality
Energías limpias
Clean energy
Respaldo instantaneo
Instant backup
Instalación rápida
Quick installation

We are leaders in energy storage

400k hrs
of operations
11 Mn
CO2 Avoided
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Somos líderes en almacenamiento de energía

200mil hrs
de operación
11 Mn
CO2 Evitado

What they say about us

"Clean energy helps the electrical system"

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Energy storage solution allows the end user to take control of their consumption

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Quartux Mexico, lets talk about technical and efficient solutions

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Quartux's Operations Manager noted that today there are reliability...

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Quartux is helping other industries to boost energy consuption...

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Uncertainty open the door to launch this technologies

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Industries are enable to save on electricity

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ROI's +20%

Recover your investment in less than 3 years


The monthly payment is paid with savings

Minimum initial cost

Credit is paid with savings

Power Purchase

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Zero investment

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