Quartux EMS Energy Management System Mexico

Quartux Control is an Energy Management System (EMS) that was developed specifically for industrial users in Mexico. It provides control to maximize your energy savings and the performance of energy management systems.

With +500,000 hours of operation in the market, Quartux Control permanently monitors the electrical system, the facility parameters, and the storage system, and makes sure that the management systems are available 24/7, with support from the three NOC and +120 support engineers.

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Maximize and guarantee Savings
Minimize Degradation
+8 Simultaneous applications

Control your energy consumption

By monitoring more than 1,000 variables and intelligently using the management system, we can obtain accurate information on energy consumption, maximize savings in electricity bills, and identify inefficiencies to actively improve the quality of the energy and comply with the Grid Code.

Monitor your equipment in real time, by using an advanced technology platform.
Get guarantees for your savings
Add generation or consumption equipment to the intelligent system.

Get to know Quartux’s Energy Management System and all its benefits for energy storage

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Timely and reliable information

These are some of the benefits and advantages of our Energy Management System:

It has more than 500,000 effective hours of operation with industrial users in Mexico.

It is certified to meet all the regulatory standards, including the Grid Code.

Calculates and predicts your actual consumption to reduce the cost of your electricity bills
Access to the analyses of quality and energy efficiency of your operation.
Easier to make decisions on energy saving plans and energy storage.
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