Quartux: ideal batteries to store electrical power

Based on more than 10 years of experience in the energy storage market, we offer the longest-lasting lithium-ion batteries with a custom design to guarantee savings and store energy for companies, industries and electricity generators.

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We select the battery that best suits your profile

The energy management system that Quartux selects, integrates, and operates, has the necessary capacity and adaptability to work optimally with any of the lithium-ion battery technologies that are currently on the market.

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We connect our industrial batteries to your enterprise:

Lithium-cobalt batteries:

They have higher energy density and high specific energy.

Lithium-iron phosphate batteries:

highly durable and with a very long life-cycle. They have high density and high power.

Lithium-nickel-cobalt aluminum oxide batteries:

among the most used for energy storage in the electrical network.

Lithium-manganese oxide or lithium manganate batteries

They are stable at high temperatures and are safer than other types of lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium titanate batteries

They have a very fast recharge time because of their advanced nanotechnology.

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Why is our hardware the best?

Our partnerships for +10 years with tier-1 suppliers consolidate Quartux as the best option in the market to integrate, install, and operate energy management systems.

Modular, customizable hardware

Installs quickly and easily

It has the capacity to integrate with renewable energies

More than 1 GWh downloaded

More than 200,000 hours of operation

Local support

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We build strategic partnerships

We are a consolidated company with long-term partnerships with suppliers from more than 30 countries.
We have created a Partner Network through which our partners have immediate access to design, installation, and technology training to carry out their energy management project
At Quartux we support licensed contractors and solar installers with reference installation diagrams and all the necessary materials for incentive, permit, and interconnection programs.
At Quartux we have all the necessary certificates to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency of our equipment:
We have all the local and international safety certifications:

We are supported by our certifications

CE LVD IEC 62477

CE EMC IEC 61000 EN 50549-1:2019 G99


UL 1741SA

UL 9540

UL 9540A/NFPA 855


CSA C22.2 No.107.1-16

IEEE 1547

IEC62619, VDE, CE




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