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What is an energy storage system?

If you are wondering what an energy storagesystem (BESS) is and how it could benefit your company economically andoperationally, you are in the right place to learn about all its advantages andthe savings it represents, as well as the features and options that a hybridenergy storage system (BESS+SFV) offers you.

At Quartux we work so that the energy receivedby companies and industries in the country can be stored and used in a muchmore efficient way, through our energy storage system, created with innovativetechnology that contributes to the sustainability and long-term use ofrenewable energies.

Here we explain what a BESS is and how itdiffers from BESS+SFV so that you can decide which storage option is best foryour company.

BESS system: battery energy storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are those that use electrochemical solutions to store in rechargeablebatteries (mainly lithium-ion batteries) the energy supplied by the grid sothat users can use it at any time, especially at times when electricity is moreexpensive. For customers who have already incorporated the Quartux system in their companies, this technology has represented savings of up to 40% in their electricity bills.

These battery systems for energy storage arenot only composed of a series of batteries, but BESS are complex systems withhardware and software components that meet the following characteristics:

- They have a battery system with individualcells that transform chemical energy into electrical energy.

- They are equipped with a battery managementsystem (BMS) to maintain system safety, avoid risks and constantly monitor thestate of charge and health of the cells.

- Through their power conversion system (PCS),they convert direct current into alternating current, with bidirectionalinverters for charging and discharging.

- Its Energy Management System (EMS) monitorsand controls the flow of energy and organizes the work of all BESS components.

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 BESS are the most widely used today,offering great advantages, such as higher capacity, lower maintenancerequirements and the elimination of grid intermittency by ensuring energysupply and operational continuity. This is possible because, when the batteriesare discharged, they release energy at times when it is most needed, such aspeak demand.

Join the change with Quartux and help your company save money and electricity with us, contact us and find out about our financing plans! We have options for you to change your energy consumption and enjoy allits benefits without having to make a large initial investment.  

What is a hybrid energy storage system?

Do you use renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics to supply power and are looking for a storage option to keep yourbusiness operations running at 100 percent? BESS systems capture energy from avariety of sources, i.e. from both grid and renewable energy sources, makingthem the ideal complement to renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.That is why there is also the option of integrating a grid-interconnectedphotovoltaic system, known as BESS+SFV, into your company.

The BESS+SFV stores energy from renewablesources, since it works with batteries and solar panels. One of the maincharacteristics of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, is that theyare fluctuating, and battery-based energy storage systems have become a keyelement in making them more controllable and making the most of the cleanenergy produced by photovoltaic systems.

Therefore, a BESS system integrated into a renewable energy production system can be considered as a kind of "buffersubsystem", which helps to stabilize and ensure that there is a balancebetween electricity generation and consumer demand.

Take advantage of solar energy with Quartux

Currently, there are two types of photovoltaicsystems (PVS), either interconnected to the grid or independent from the CFE grid (known as "island type"). The Quartux system adapts to both andmakes energy consumption much more efficient.

In the case of power supply by island-typephotovoltaic systems, the storage of the energy generated is essential as theyare independent, and the Quartux control platform has positioned itself as thebest option to take care of the supply and ensure maximum use of sunlight.

Savere sources and join the smart energy consumption by installing a Quartux storage system in your company or industry!

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