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What is a battery energy storage system (BESS)?

Battery EnergyStorage Systems (BESS) have experienced significant growth in recent years due to theirversatility, high energy density and efficiency. If you are thinking ofinstalling a battery energy storage system, don't hesitate! At Quartux you willfind the best option in Mexico. Here we explain what it consists of. ‍

How does a battery energystorage system (BESS) work?

Theinternational standard IEC 62933-1:2018, which defines the application termsfor electrical energy storage systems (EES), states that an energy storagesystem is a facility connected to the grid from the Point of Connection (POC)and is composed of at least one storage facility that has the capacity toabsorb energy from the grid (or other power generation source), to store it andrelease it at periods when the user needs it.

As the costof batteries has decreased and their prices have become more affordableworldwide, more grid applications have become suitable for use in BESSs, makingit possible to increase their performance and service life. Thanks to this, theinstallation of these systems in the national industry has grown exponentiallyand with the advanced technology of the Quartux platform, customers have asuccessful experience of storage and efficient use of energy, while generatingeconomic savings, as the cost of their electricity bill is reduced by up to40%.

A batteryenergy storage system is a subset of the ESS (Energy Storage System) that useselectrochemical storage and involves DC/AC power conversion processes as wellas system management. It also has sensors and auxiliary systems, among othercomponents that are adapted to the system depending on the storage technologyused and the structural engineering works required for its installation.

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Components of a BESS

In general,a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) consists of the following components:

1.Batteries that store energy and then discharge it, converting chemical energyinto electricity. The most common are: lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metalhydride and lithium-ion batteries. A combination of these batteries can also beused to create a hybrid storage system or Hybrid-BESS (HBESS).

2. PowerConversion System (PCS), responsible for converting alternating current (AC) todirect current (DC) and vice versa. This static power converter allows poweringan alternating load at its output by regulating the voltage and frequency. Italso transfers power from a DC source to an AC load.

3. BatteryManagement System (BMS), which is responsible for estimating the state ofcharge (SoC), measuring the temperature, current and voltage of the batteries,as well as monitoring and protecting against maximum and minimum voltage,current and temperature.

4. EnergyManagement System (EMS), which is responsible for dispatching power whencharging and discharging the batteries, as well as monitoring and protectingthe system.

5.Temperature control system, known as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and AirConditioning).

6.Auxiliary systems or other components, such as security system, fire system,sensors and physical structure.

The PCS,BMS and EMS are interconnected for the correct performance of the BESS. Inturn, the EMS manages the control laws necessary for the performance in thenetwork and controls the BMS and PCS data according to the schedule defined bythe system.

Finally,the control and data acquisition of the subsystems is performed by theSupervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), an automation technology thatcombines hardware and software, which allows the entire storage process to becontrolled and supervised remotely so that users have access to all theinformation about the system from an online platform.

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BatteryEnergy Storage Systems (BESS) are the future of energy storage. The use ofrenewable energies has increased in recent years, as part of the fight againstclimate change, and photovoltaic systems for clean energy generation arecompatible with battery energy storage systems, making the use of thistechnology much more efficient in large-scale industries.

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