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What is a battery bank in an energy storage system?

A batterybank is a system for storing electrical energy in a set of batteries connectedin series or parallel for later use. This type of system is used in variousapplications, such as solar photovoltaic installations, uninterruptible powersystems (UPS), electric vehicles and telecommunications installations, amongothers.

In Mexico,Quartux's technology drives this innovation based on industrial lithiumbatteries, which store electricity for use at times of high demand for the CFEand when the cost of electricity is higher. This contributes to a significantreduction in electricity bill payments and has established itself as a solutionfor a wide variety of industries, such as manufacturing, hotels, airports andsupermarkets.

How is a battery bankinstalled?

In addition to energystorage capacity and battery type, other factors to consider when designing abattery bank include depth of discharge (amount of energy that can be extractedfrom a battery without damaging it), maximum charge and discharge current, aswell as operating temperature.

Overall, a battery bank hasan energy storage capacity of 800 watts per hour (Wh) or more and are common insmall to medium-scale solar photovoltaic installations, where electrical energygenerated by solar panels needs to be stored during the day for use at night oron cloudy days.

How do battery banks workto store energy?

An 800 Whbattery bank may consist of one or more batteries connected in series or inparallel, depending on the power requirements and capacity of the individualbatteries. When batteries are connected in parallel, the voltage remains thesame while the amperage increases, e.g., if 12 volt (V) and 100 ampere-hours(Ah) batteries are used, eight batteries would be required in series to obtaina 96 volt, 100 Ah battery bank, which equals an energy storage capacity of 9.6kWh (96 x 100 Wh).

The energystorage capacity of a battery bank is one of the most important factors toconsider when designing a solar PV system. The capacity of the battery bankmust be sufficient to meet the power demand of the load during the period oftime when solar power is not being generated. In addition, the efficiency ofthe system must be considered, as not all batteries are equally efficient inconverting and storing electrical energy.

Lithium batteries, themost efficient option

Anotherfactor to consider when choosing a battery bank is the type of battery. Themost commonly used batteries in solar photovoltaic installations are lead-acidand lithium-ion batteries. It is important to note that lead-acid batteries canwithstand a depth of discharge of 50%, while lithium-ion batteries canwithstand a depth of discharge of 80% or more.


Similarly,lead-acid batteries are more economical, but require regular maintenance andare not as efficient as lithium-ion batteries, as lithium batteries have ahigher energy efficiency and require much less maintenance over their lifetime.

Enjoy all the benefits ofthe Quartux system

The use of battery banksfor energy storage in Mexican industry has become an integral solution forcompanies. This is due to the multiple benefits offered by the use of thistechnology, as battery banks offer an efficient and affordable energy storagesolution for companies of all sizes. This means that customers can have asecure source of stored energy that can be used at times when additional poweris required.

Technological innovationand the advancement of research have become essential for a secure energyfuture. Battery banks are designed to ensure that the internet, cloud data,financial records and all the necessary information that industries andcompanies need are available even when the power goes out.

Battery banks also providea secure way to store energy for future use. The role of these batteries iscritical to the proper functioning of any country's infrastructure, as theyprovide backup power for all sectors of industry and battery banks arespecifically designed to meet all their needs.

Don't wait any longer andget to know all the benefits that Quartux's storage system has for yourcompany, we have the right financing plan for you!

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