Energy Savings
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Strategies to save electricity in companies and industries.

Is the energy expenditure of your company very high? If you are thinking about how to reduce the cost of your business electricity bill, you need to create a strategy to save electricity in your company and improve your business' relationship with the environment.

Saving energy in industries and companies is essential for their sustainability and conveys an excellent internal and external image. In addition, it allows generating economic savings that makes them more competitive, since they can allocate the money from saving electricity in the office or the company to other functions.

A successful transformation towards a sustainable electricity-saving model requires a short, medium and long-term vision, in which viable guidelines and processes are established and actions are implemented to save electricity that can even be replicated in any office, business, factory or office. Saving electricity in companies allows them to reinvest the resources of a lower electricity rate in a better future for the business.

How to save electricity in my business?

Create an energy saving plan for your company, business or industry. To do this, you must first determine what your energy consumption is and carry out a diagnosis through which you can determine your energy saving goals, as well as the areas of opportunity that will allow you to achieve this light saving.

How can you do it? Very easy and fast: at Quartux we help you analyze your energy consumption to design the ideal energy saving and storage system for your company, precisely tailored to your energy needs. Our platform allows you to store electricity in a battery system and charge energy at the cheapest time of the CFE rates, with which you will be able to optimize your company's energy consumption while your electricity rate drops up to 40% while improving the quality of the energy you consume.

It is also important that you take into account other light saving measures in the office, business or industry. These are three key points of saving electricity in companies:

  1. As far as possible, replace old electrical appliances or machinery with others with sustainable technological innovations and energy saving labels, as they will ensure greater energy efficiency.
  2. Properly maintain your electrical heating, lighting, and cooling systems, and keep all your appliances in good condition so they don't use up too much energy.
  3. Use LED light-saving bulbs, as these will guarantee savings of more than 80% compared to traditional ones.

Change the chip: adopt an ecological vision in your company

Encourage a change in staff habits: involve workers in actions to save electricity and keep them motivated to make progress in reducing the company's electricity rate.

Let them know that energy saving is positive for all team members, establish rules and measures to save electricity and help them implement them in their homes as well. You can even create a special bonus for whoever strives to be the best electricity saver each month. Here we give you some ideas of actions to save electricity in your company that you can implement.

Establish good communication with them and explain the goals you have set to know how to save on the electricity bill: give them clear information through newsletters, talks or printed materials, such as flyers or posters, where you explain why it is important to save light and motivates them to reduce their electricity consumption.

By following these tips as a team, you will notice a change in mentality in the company's collaborators, accompanied by a considerable reduction in the costs of the CFE electricity rate.

Use alternative and renewable energy sources to save electricity

Not only turning off the light saves energy, nor is it enough to use light-saving bulbs to have a successful light-saving strategy. One of the great steps for any company, business or industry is the incorporation of the use of alternative and renewable energy sources, with which they can obtain long-term economic and environmental benefits.

Using the energy provided by the sun requires little maintenance and light saving systems with solar panels can last more than three decades. In addition, a solar energy generation and storage system projects an avant-garde image in companies and industries while reducing their CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

To increase the efficiency of energy consumption, a great plus is the installation of an energy storage system such as that of Quartux. Did you know that the storage of energy generated through solar panels is the perfect combination for energy savings and efficiency? Learn more details here.

Are you interested in learning more about the importance of saving energy? Check all the contents of our blog.

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