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Solar panels and energy storage: a perfect combination.

Storing solar energy has become the perfect combination of energy production and energy savings. Technological advances and innovative systems such as Quartux's have demonstrated that solar systems are a pillar of renewable energy that can be optimized with battery storage.

Industries and businesses with solar panels that incorporate a battery storage system into their solar energy source not only get unlimited, clean energy, but can use it during peak demand times, i.e., those with higher rates.

In addition, thanks to this solar energy savings in batteries, companies operate normally by preventing grid interruptions and there is greater energy efficiency with very significant economic savings in the long term.

Optimize the benefits of solar energy

The integration of industrial battery energy storage with energy production from solar panels is an innovative solution with a promising future and great growth potential.

Adding battery energy storage to a solar system allows for a greater margin of energy savings. The installation of batteries for solar panels provides the ability to store solar photovoltaic energy even when there is less sun, making it possible to take full advantage of this clean energy source.

Throughout the day, solar photovoltaic panels receive solar radiation and transform it into electricity. When there is a surplus of solar energy, the best option is to store it in a battery that has the capacity to harness it at night or when there is little solar energy production, such as on cloudy days.

In this way, the benefits of solar panels are added to the great advantages of storage: inexhaustible and clean solar energy is harnessed through an efficient and sustainable system that increases productivity without endangering the environment.

Lithium batteries and solar panels, a great team

There are several types of solar batteries, and among the main ones are lithium batteries, monoblock batteries and stationary batteries. Of these, lithium batteries have proven to be more efficient in storing the energy generated by solar panels.

These batteries have a high capacity to be charged and discharged continuously, so they are deep cycle and their useful life is superior to that of conventional batteries. In addition, their capacity to accumulate solar energy will be higher based on their discharge rate.

By using lithium-ion batteries to store solar energy, companies can store excess solar energy for later consumption during peak demand periods.

Quartux: a revolutionary solution

The lithium-ion batteries we use in the Quartux energy storage system are ideal for working in conjunction with solar panel energy production systems.

Adding storage to solar energy production with industrial batteries like the ones we use in the Quartux storage system is an effective solution that provides high charging capacity and energy savings, in addition to reducing emissions.

Our system takes advantage of all the benefits of using a solar system by incorporating industrial lithium batteries to optimize solar energy from solar panels in a clean energy storage system that is becoming more affordable and has increasing opportunities for development.

The cutting-edge technology of our energy storage systems is complemented by the advantages of solar panels. With high levels of energy savings, the return on investment of a solar project is much faster, as consumption is shifted from the peak hours of the CFE to charging during the lower cost hours of the day.

Role of storage in solar energy

Energy storage has a key role to play in harnessing solar energy. Renewable energy produced by solar panels will increasingly require large-scale storage: as clean energy generation increases, it will be essential to increase the capacity to store it.

This is why solar production and lithium battery storage for solar panels are the future of sustainability. Their synergy creates and will continue to create more and more commercial opportunities while contributing to building a more sustainable future.

An energy storage and saving system with solar energy is possible. And Quartux is the best option to integrate them.

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