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Make the best electrical energy saving project in a company

When creating a project to save electrical energy in a company, it is essential that a real change be proposed, that it be capable of providing tangible long-term solutions, such as the Quartux electrical energy storage system in industrial lithium batteries, which It has positioned itself over the last few years as the ideal option to save electricity and considerably reduce the costs paid for this service.

The industrial sector is a large consumer of electrical energy due to the energy supply it requires for the proper functioning and continuous operation of the machinery used in its processes, which can represent between 60% and 80% of energy consumption. whole of the company.

A project to save electricity in a company requires the identification and monitoring of the critical points of its processes, mainly those where there is a high energy consumption, since it needs tools that ensure the company achieves energy efficiency without affect its operation. Therefore, the best measure you can take to make your savings project a success and the results to last is to have an energy storage system with advanced technology, such as Quartux.

Energy storage, the best option for your company

Why is a storage system necessary in your company? If your electricity saving project in a company seeks a gradual and consistent reduction in energy consumption, the innovative Quartux team is the answer.

Its storage system uses the most advanced technology to take advantage of the times when the electricity rate established by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is lower, to store it in industrial lithium-ion batteries and then supply it at the most expensive times. , with which the cost of the electricity bill is reduced by up to 40%.

Due to its experience and professionalism, Quartux has positioned itself as the leading company in Mexico in the development and implementation of an energy storage system powered by artificial intelligence through which it is possible to control energy costs, in addition to increasing sustainability. and the energy efficiency of the most important companies and industries throughout the country.

Know the key to success for your electricity saving project

Energy storage with intelligent software controls is the key to success for any energy saving project in a company, as it helps to collect complex data, such as rate structures, price signals and market participation rules. , and enables on-site and grid power demand forecasting to predict responses to changing signals in real time.

Every electrical energy saving project in a company requires solutions that maximize energy savings in relation to investment and that can be easily implemented. Quartux specialists design an intelligent saving and storage solution that adapts to your energy consumption, which is installed easily and quickly, has instant backup and improves energy quality.

Thus, the necessary support is provided so that each of the clients can achieve their energy saving and sustainable energy use goals in a short time and with the greatest efficiency. In addition, users manage and monitor energy consumption in real time while taking advantage of cleaner energy.

Good practices for saving electricity

Caring about saving energy in the workplace brings great benefits. Responsible consumption is essential for companies to fulfill their commitments to care for the environment and contribute to the fight against climate change. This will result in the strengthening of the corporate image and compliance with the criteria of corporate social responsibility.

A good electrical energy saving project in a company means economic improvements in the total cost of production processes and implies environmental benefits through the use of clean energy and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition to promoting the incorporation of technological innovation and energy efficiency with an energy storage system such as that of Quartux, the electric energy saving project in a company can be complemented with measures that promote a new culture of energy saving, such as:

• The moderate use of lights, through the use of sunlight in offices and facilities in general.

• The installation of lighting dimmers and presence or movement sensors, which help turn the lights on and off when necessary.


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