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Lithium batteries for photovoltaic solar energy systems

The use of lithium batteries for solar panels has become one of the main options for making the most of the energy produced by photovoltaic installations, whether stand-alone or hybrid, thanks to all the advantages provided by their capabilities and benefits.

Advantages of lithium batteries for solar photovoltaic power systems

Lithium-ion batteries are devices with two or three energy cells where the electrical energy coming from the solar panels is stored and can store three times as much energy as lead-acid batteries and have a longer useful life.

Due to their safety and energy density, lithium-ion batteries are the best option to complement solar photovoltaic energy installations: they have higher voltage and up to three times higher density than lead-acid batteries, in addition to a much faster charge and discharge capacity than other types of batteries without losing life time, so they require a much smaller amount of current.

In addition, the price of batteries for solar panels is becoming lower and lower. There are uses for lithium batteries for homes, or for energy storage in offices, industries, stores, i.e., for all types of facilities or places, and in recent years have also acquired great relevance in the solar market or photovoltaic market.

Solar photovoltaic installations require batteries to be able to store and use all the electrical energy produced in the solar panels when there are good sun conditions, which is called surplus energy. In this way, during periods when there is little or no sun, the electrical installation uses the energy stored in the industrial lithium ion batteries for solar panels.

Quartux: the best option in lithium batteries for solar energy storage

At Quartux we work with the best lithium batteries for solar panels. Our software takes advantage of all the benefits that industries obtain when using a solar system through storage in industrial lithium batteries, through which solar energy obtained with solar panels is optimized with clean energy that is increasingly affordable and has greater energy efficiency.

There are different lithium batteries on the market and each of them has specific characteristics to be taken into account according to the type of photovoltaic installation in which they are used. These include lithium and cobalt oxide batteries, lithium and magnesium oxide batteries, lithium and iron phosphate batteries and lithium, nickel, cobalt and aluminum oxide batteries.

The energy storage system operated by Quartux has the capacity and adaptability to work in the most optimal way with any of the lithium-ion battery technologies currently on the market.

Industries and companies with solar panels that incorporate a battery storage system to their solar energy source not only obtain clean and unlimited energy, but also obtain benefits such as: greater resistance to irregular discharges, zero emission of toxic gases and pollutants, high charging currents, higher charging speed and, in addition, lithium-ion batteries used in solar photovoltaic energy installations require very little maintenance.

Batteries for photovoltaic solar energy

Why have lithium-ion batteries become a favorite for solar PV installations? By storing solar energy in batteries, businesses operate normally by preventing grid outages and there is greater energy efficiency with great economic savings in the long run.

One of the main reasons why the sale of lithium batteries for solar panels has been increasing exponentially in the last decades is its composition, as lithium is a chemical element that stands out for being highly electronegative, which means it has a higher oxidation capacity, and this makes the voltage in lithium higher.

The advantages and benefits of lithium batteries in energy storage systems are many and are becoming increasingly important for the industrial sector, which seeks to optimize photovoltaic installations and increase their quality and energy efficiency.

In a world committed to clean energy to combat global warming and climate change, renewable energy generation will increase and, therefore, energy storage systems will be increasingly in demand. The use of lithium batteries in a photovoltaic installation is a milestone in the future of sustainability that generates commercial opportunities and helps industries to move towards a more environmentally friendly world.

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