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Hybrid systems: solar energy + battery storage

Implementing photovoltaic systems with solar energy storage systems in industrial batteries has great advantages for energy efficiency in industries. A system to store energy in batteries contributes to have stable energy availability 24 hours a day, and has positioned itself as the best option to increase its accessibility and the demand for renewable energies.

The development of this technology has improved over the years, helping companies and industrialists to benefit more and more from the use of energy storage systems that can be complemented with the installation of solar panels. There are two fundamental elements in this process: inverters and batteries.

What is a solar power inverter?

A solar photovoltaic inverter is the equipment that transforms the solar energy produced in photovoltaic installations into electricity so that it can be transmitted in the form of direct current. Thanks to this process, this energy is harnessed and utilized, and when complemented by energy storage batteries, it is possible to ensure that there are no interruptions.

Hybrid systems: solar energy + battery storage allow the energy autonomy of industries during peak hours of higher cost, at night, on cloudy days and on days of lower solar radiation, when it is not possible to generate energy.

Lithium batteries, the best option for storing solar energy

At Quartux we know that industrial lithium ion batteries are the best solution for energy storage. With our control software we take full advantage of the combination of peak shaving combined with solar energy generation; so that it is available when it is most needed, without interruptions, without power outages and without voltage variations, with a much more stable, safe and better quality electricity supply.

Lithium-ion batteries have recently become the energy storage system par excellence. Battery systems reduce energy consumption at peak times, thus guaranteeing short and long-term savings by reducing the cost of the total electricity bill for companies by up to 40%.

In a hybrid system, the lithium-ion battery can store energy from the grid or from the solar panels, and use it when the panels are not generating; complementing each other to generate savings in intermediate and peak hours.  

At Quartux, a leading Mexican company in the design, installation and operation of lithium battery energy storage systems, we have proven that the development of innovative technologies contributes positively to energy storage and are key tools for the flexibility of the Electricity System. Thanks to the integration of solar and battery systems, renewable energies are taken advantage of with a better management of electrical grids.

Care for the environment while saving and harnessing solar energy

The storage of energy in batteries contributes to the change of the energy model and allows to actively participate in the care of the environment, especially when added to the generation of renewable energy through photovoltaic systems.

Lithium batteries are currently in great demand due to their long life times (much longer than conventional batteries), high efficiency, greater discharge capacity, number of cycles and low maintenance: all these characteristics have made them the most efficient batteries on the market and the future of energy storage for BESS and hybrid systems with photovoltaic systems.

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