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How can electrical energy produced by solar panels be stored?

The storage of electrical energy with batteries is an excellent solution to take advantage of the energy generated by solar panels.  

Advantages of storing solar energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is energy in which electricity is obtained directly from the sun's radiation and is generated by photovoltaic solar panels. These solar panels have silicon cells, which are used to transform heat and sunlight into electricity.

But what is the point of harnessing the energy stored in a battery when it comes from a solar source? Having a renewable energy source such as solar and complementing it with a storage system can help companies and industries demonstrate their commitment to the environment and climate change, while saving electricity and money.

By discovering how electricity can be stored in a battery system and deciding to install it, companies can make much more efficient use of the electricity they generate through solar panels, as it can be harnessed during periods of peak demand and when grid supply costs are much higher.

 In summary, it could be said that there are three major advantages to combining a solar energy production system with an electrical energy storage system: 1) peak demand loads decrease, 2) grid consumption profiles change, and 3) much more use is made of all the solar energy produced by the photovoltaic solar panels.

Solar energy, make the most of it!

In a lithium-ion battery energy storage system, such as Quartux's, the solar energy that is generated when there is more sunlight is stored and kept in reserve for use at night, when it rains or when it is cloudy, that is, during those periods when it is not possible to generate more solar energy. Over time, a storage system helps reduce the cost of electricity paid by businesses by reducing demand charges that can represent between 20% and 40% of the total amount of their electric bills.

By having a solar energy source that is combined with a battery energy storage system, it is possible to maximize the use of electricity and also obtain great economic benefits in the long term. In this sense, it should be clarified that storage systems can be implemented even when companies do not have their own solar panels or solar energy production systems to obtain energy independently, as they can also be installed in industries and companies that consume solar energy on a commercial basis.

Good reasons to install a battery storage system 

Electricity consumers who decide to start benefiting from the great advantages offered by installing an electrical energy storage system to complement their production or consumption of solar energy have a greater backup thanks to the energy reserve they store in these systems. In this way, the accumulated solar energy allows them to continue their operations without interruption, in addition to improving their response to energy demand.

Integrating an energy storage solution with solar technology requires an experienced team such as Quartux, a 100% Mexican company that has proven its ability to guarantee the joint operation of solar panels and batteries. By opting for a battery storage system to take advantage of solar energy, you are investing in a process that will provide benefits for a long time.

Why approach Quartux to store solar energy in batteries?

The Quartux battery system guarantees maximum energy efficiency by operating storage systems tailored to the needs of each client. Our work team has all the certifications to carry out these processes, first level technical training and is made up of highly specialized personnel with extensive knowledge of the National Electric System. 

We are an experienced company and have worked with power generators and large consumers of electricity throughout the country.

If you have solar energy production facilities, you have probably already noticed the reduction in your energy consumption. By incorporating the advantages of a battery storage system into your facility, those savings will increase as you reduce the demand load on your bill by shifting your energy consumption to less expensive periods of the day.

Don't wait any longer and get to know Quartux's innovative and intelligent storage system.

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