Renewable Energies
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How to take advantage of sustainable forms of energy?

Taking advantage of sustainable forms of energy in businesses and companies is an imperative need to combat climate change, protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. In addition, by doing so, companies not only reduce the environmental impact of their operations, but also obtain great benefits, such as savings in electricity, gas and water rates.

In addition, using renewable energy as a sustainable alternative and making a commitment to the use of energy for sustainable development are factors that increase companies' competitive advantages. In this way, companies demonstrate to customers and investors that they have a real concern for the preservation of the environment, a quality that is highly flattering to their image. 

Indeed, in recent decades, social responsibility and the interest shown by companies in caring for the planet have become decisive elements for consumers when purchasing a service or product.

The population, increasingly concerned about its environment, tends to feel greater sympathy for those companies committed to reducing the use of unsustainable energy and promoting clean energy, i.e. "green" brands, concerned about the care of the habitat and nature.

Exploring sustainable energy in Mexico

More and more companies are betting on taking advantage of sustainable forms of energy and the implementation of renewable energies for a sustainable city. With this, they have increased their capacity to save energy by using sustainable systems for their operations, such as Quartux's energy storage systems, with which they manage to avoid energy interruptions and improve their productivity levels while caring for the environment. 

Thus, the interest in renewable energies and the sustainable use of energy are the path to greater energy efficiency, with incalculable advantages, among them:

- Avoid pollution from fossil fuels and their environmental impact.

- Reduce electricity costs.

- Achieve energy efficiency that does not represent risks to health or the economy.

Throughout the country, there are several initiatives, legislation and private, public and academic projects linked to the promotion of renewable energies for sustainable development in Mexico, such as the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development, based in Oaxaca, as well as the Law for the Sustainable Use of Energy, currently known as the Energy Transition Law.

Renewable energies as a sustainable alternative

Nowadays, there is greater professionalization in energy and environmental sustainability, as well as in the knowledge of the advantages of sustainable energy supply in Mexico.

Thus, there are university careers such as the Bachelor's Degree in Energy Management and Sustainable Development, offered by the University of Nuevo Leon, and the Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and Sustainability, from the University of Michoacán, among many other options that public and private institutions have incorporated into their academic offerings with the aim of training professionals specialized in how to take advantage of sustainable forms of energy in the country.

In this context, many companies have decided to make the leap to clean energies and incorporate specialized personnel in the proposal of renewable energy and its sustainability. Likewise, the public sector has benefited from these advances, with advantages such as the reduction of costs in electric energy services, such as public lighting and water pumping, among others.

Examples of sustainable energy in companies

Currently, there are different types of sustainable energies and companies have several options to take advantage of them and do their bit for the planet. Among the sustainable and sustainable energies that are produced in Mexico and that can be implemented in companies are:

Installation of solar panels (or photovoltaic cells)

Solar energy is one of the main ways to take advantage of sustainable forms of energy and is currently the most frequently implemented in companies.

This source of energy is renewable and inexhaustible and is obtained from the light or heat of the sun, so it can be photovoltaic or solar thermal energy and used to generate electricity or produce heat, respectively. Solar energy is obtained through panels and mirrors and its use means significant savings in companies' electricity bills.


This form of sustainable energy use in companies is carried out through the use of domestic combustion appliances, such as stoves, fireplaces or boilers, for the creation of steam, heating and hot water, which are used in various industrial activities. Biomass is a source of thermal energy in which forest residues, as well as those from livestock or agricultural activities, are recovered and reused.

Today, companies such as Siemens are promoting the use of biomass to generate steam and electricity in the country's food and beverage industry. Its use avoids the purchase of natural gas, reduces polluting emissions and lowers electricity bill costs.  

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