Renewable Energies
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How to start your renewable energy storage business?

Would youlike to start a business in the energy storage and renewable energy industry?Here we tell you what you need to succeed in this sector, which enjoysexcellent growth prospects worldwide.

Storing renewable energy: a greatbusiness opportunity

Thereis currently a growing global need to use clean and renewable energy sources,as well as to increase their storage and consumption efficiency, which hasopened spaces of opportunity with great rewards and fruitful projects in theenergy sector.

Inaddition, Mexico is one of the countrieswith the greatest potential for energy generation from renewable and clean sources, and it is expected that in thenext two decades renewable energy production will increase from less than 10%of the total energy produced in Latin America to one-fifth (20%).

Amongthe great opportunities that the renewable energy industry offers to smallcompanies are areas such as the installation, sale and distribution of solarpanels, biofuel production, solar cooling systems, among others, but undoubtedly one of the most attractivebusinesses today is related to energy storage.

Energystorage systems used as a backup source are viable for use in almost allcompanies and have positioned themselves as a great option to guaranteeuninterrupted supply in hospitals, hotels, information technology companies,universities, among others.

Energy storage in batteries: a majorundertaking

The best way to store energy is in batteries, especiallyindustrial lithium-ion batteries, whose use has grown rapidly in recent years,hand in hand with the development of new technologies and software thatincrease energy efficiency, creating new sustainable business opportunities.

Storagesystems that integrate industrial lithium batteries have the capacity to maintain theenergy supply without interruptions, in a great energy saving and backupsolution for industries. These devices store electrical energy with greatadvantages in the market: equivalent capacity to lead acid batteries but with auseful life up to three times longer, they are up to 50% more compact andlighter and reduce charging times by a third.

Withthe Quartux control software, our battery system performs peak shaving, i.e. it reduces energyconsumption from the grid during peak demand hours in order to use energyproduced from renewable sources, such as solar. Thebatteries provide the energy that covers the peaks. This enables customers tosave up to 40% of their electricity bill.

Sounds interesting - work on large-scale electrical energy storage!

This technology is cost-effective andhas been proven to help the stability of the electricity system, in addition togenerating and harnessing a large amount of clean energy.

Join our Quartux Partner Network and start your new business!

Renewable energy storage is aprofitable business, especially because it is a sector that drives positivechanges in the use of alternative energy sources, a topic in which manycompanies are currently interested, because by limiting their dependence onfossil fuels and using green energy they reduce their long-term operating costsand contribute to the care of the environment.

At Quartux we are looking for partners like you to expand the greatbenefits of energy storage systems throughout the country. We will provide youwith the most professional and specialized training so that you know everythingabout the technology required for the design and installation of your energystorage project.

With our guidance, your business willbe perfectly qualified to make your new energy storage project a reality, whereyou will help many companies save on their electricity bill while taking careof natural resources and increasing their energy efficiency.

We accompany youthroughout the process

Through our Quartux Partner Network, we accompany youthrough the entire learning process until you are able to put your energystorage systems into operation. We guarantee that you will obtain the fullsatisfaction of your customers and, in addition, your company will be able tosell the system and receive 100% of the economic benefits.

Energy storage needs entrepreneurs with vision and innovative ideas, willing to take advantage of the great business opportunities oflarge-scale energy storage: one of the best investments because it is ahigh-tech solution that generates highly successful new business models.

We work with all companies in theenergy sector that want to improve their value proposition and become batteryexperts.

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