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How to save electricity at home: actions and changes?

Every day we can encourage energy savings in our homes. The path to real energy savings consists of implementing small actions to save energy at home that eventually become big changes in habits.

When families know and carry out energy saving measures at home, they can organize themselves and turn them into daily tasks that make it easier and easier to save energy at home.

If we all learn how to take care of electrical energy and know the best tips to save energy, we will take many steps forward in reducing the effects of climate change and other harmful effects on the environment.

Tips on how to save energy with household appliances

There are many ways to save electricity at home. With these actions to save energy at home we take care of the planet at the same time that we obtain benefits for the family economy, by reducing electricity and gas payments.

Are you interested in knowing how to save electricity at home? One of the most common ways to save energy at home is to take care of the light by disconnecting all electrical appliances when they are not being used. This is one of the actions to take care of electrical energy that will help to make the family's energy consumption more efficient.

It is important to note that it is not only important to keep electrical appliances turned off when they are not in use, but a good energy saving practice, and to save electricity, is to unplug them. Remember that, even if they are turned off, all appliances will continue to consume energy as long as they remain plugged in.

Apply this measure to the most common electrical appliances in your home, such as televisions, chargers, coffee makers, air conditioners, computers, washing machines, dryers, electronic devices and microwave ovens.

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How to conserve energy when caring for your appliances

In order to take care of electricity, it is also very important to check that all household appliances in the home are kept in good condition and to maintain them continuously.

When an appliance has been in the house for a long time and is very old, it usually consumes a greater amount of electricity, so, by changing it there will be an energy saving at home and the electricity consumption will go down.

Other actions to save energy at home that you can take into account when using your appliances are: clean at least once a year the refrigerator coil to prevent dust accumulation and frequently clean the air conditioning filters from time to time. Also, when using the stove, try to keep the pans or pots in which you cook covered, since with this action, which seems very simple, you can save up to 25% of energy.

Saving electrical energy in the refrigerator

Another suggestion for further energy savings has to do with refrigerators. Because they store food that can spoil if not kept at a low temperature, these appliances cannot be switched off to save energy.

However, it is important to take into account when buying a refrigerator that it is energy-saving. In addition, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) released some tips to reduce the energy consumption of these appliances.

Among the suggestions to reduce the energy consumption of refrigerators, are measures such as: keep them away from heat sources, such as the stove or the sun; clean them regularly, and above all do not neglect the cleanliness of the back; adjust the temperature between numbers 2 and 3, and place them at least 10 cm from the wall so you can have good ventilation.

Other key examples of energy savings

There are 5 important measures in the use of electricity through which it is possible to increase the care of energy and save light at home. Firstly, there is the use of natural light. When the windows are opened and sunlight enters, the house is illuminated, a cozy atmosphere is created and it is no longer necessary to turn on the lights in any of the rooms or rooms to do daily activities.

In addition to this measure, it is suggested to buy energy-saving bulbs or LED lights, since they consume very little electricity. The main recommendation is to replace all household bulbs with LED lights that contribute to saving energy and light in the house.

Keeping the lights off is also an important measure for saving energy at home. Turning off the lights in rooms and corridors where there are no people and that are not being used is also one of the most efficient tips to save energy at home.

In addition, taking advantage of the sun's light and heat allows you to stop using appliances such as the dryer and reduce gas and electricity consumption by simply hanging clothes outdoors after washing them.

Saving energy in the home: changing the world as a team

When household members join together to look for ways to save energy, they become a great team capable of caring for the environment and improving the planet. In this way, families build the way for more people to know what energy saving is and learn how to save electricity in their homes.

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