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How does energy storage work in photovoltaic systems?

Energy storage in photovoltaic systems is a great solution for the use ofelectrical energy produced from renewable sources. This energy saving andefficiency alternative has been breaking down barriers to make the massiveadoption and implementation of these technologies an increasingly widespreadreality worldwide.

What is photovoltaic solar energy?

When we talk about photovoltaic solar energy, we are talking about arenewable energy obtained from solar radiation and transformed into electricitythrough a process in which solar panels are used. These panels are composed ofsolar cells, and are the ones that receive the radiation to convert it intoclean and renewable energy.

To store this type of energy, solar batteries (which can be stationary,monoblock or lithium batteries) are used to preserve solar energy throughoutthe day for use during periods without sunlight, at night, or during times whenthe radiation emitted by the sun is not sufficient.

How to store photovoltaic energy?

Among the most important characteristics of photovoltaic systems is that they produce light only when there is sunlight, since it is their only sourceof generation, so storage is an indispensable process to take advantage of itand generate energy and economic savings. In addition, storing solar energy isa fundamental part of the energy transition and care for the environment.

Solar batteries are the most important element for the installation of anenergy storage system in photovoltaic systems. These batteries are composed ofelectrochemical cells and their main function is to transform chemical energyinto electricity. They have a positive electrode, a negative electrode andelectrolytes so that the current obtained through the photovoltaic solar panelsflows and can be supplied to the installation.

Installing a storage system that complements solar power generation facilities helps to meet the electricity consumption needs of a business orindustry regardless of the time of day or the number of people using it, sinceelectricity is generated constantly and accumulated for use when needed,especially during peak hours of the CFE, which are those in which the supply ofelectricity has a higher cost.

What types of batteries are used in solar energy storage systems?

As already mentioned, the types of batteries that can be installed forenergy storage in photovoltaic systems are monoblock batteries, stationarybatteries and lithium batteries. How does each of them work?

Monoblock or monoblock batteries are mainly used in home installations,mainly for self-consumption purposes, since their power is low to medium andthey have fewer deep discharge cycles, so they have a life of up to 10 yearsand work very well for lighting and the use of appliances with low power.Stationary batteries have similar characteristics to monoblock batteries, butare suitable for medium to high power consumption and have a useful life of upto 20 years.

Lithium batteries are considered the best option for energy storage inphotovoltaic systems due to their efficiency, long life, low maintenance andhigh durability in deep discharge cycles.

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Get to know Quartux's storage system

Solar energy storage systems play a very important role within aphotovoltaic system, since they allow to take advantage of all the electricalenergy they generate. The implementation of energy storage systems inphotovoltaic systems helps industries to advance in energy efficiency, sincethey have availability of electrical energy 24 hours a day.

In addition, choosing a good battery is essential for the solar installationto be more profitable and efficient, and that is why at Quartux we havedeveloped the best energy storage system in industrial lithium-ion batteries.

With our control software, industries take full advantage of the combination of peakshaving and solar power generation, without voltage variations orinterruptions, and with the guarantee that your electricity supply will be muchmore stable and of the best quality.

Many industries throughout Mexico are already benefiting from the use ofsolar panel installations complemented with Quartux's energy storage system. Ifyou want to produce more while saving electricity, contact us and take thenext step towards energy efficiency with our software, which guarantees youthe greatest energy saving impact, with the quality and support your businessneeds.

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