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Harnesses the energy stored in a battery system

Energy storage with a battery system is thebest way to accumulate cheap energy for later use when it would be much moreexpensive. It is an increasingly cost-effective technology that has been provento provide stability to the power system.

In addition, energy stored in lithium-ionbatteries helps drive the energy transition by ensuring the integration ofrenewable energies into the national electricity system. Renewable energiesneed the support of storage systems to be able to use clean energy in base hours(i.e., those in which electricity consumption is cheaper) and make theelectricity system more efficient.

Quartux's hardware, besides being innovativeand unique in its kind, and having highly functional characteristics (since itis modular and adaptable), has the capacity to integrate with renewableenergies and guarantees instantaneous energy backup.

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Energystored in a system like Quartux's: your best option

Storing energy in a lithium-ion battery systemsuch as the one used by Quartux software is a practical and easy way to harnesselectrical power. It also helps to ensure the balance of grid systems and helpsto make the most efficient use of every megawatt.

Energy storage technologies bring great valueto all links in the supply chain and, based on their capability, these systemscan be:

- Large-scale (with GW scales, which are unitsof power equivalent to one billion watts)

- In networks and generation assets (MWscales, i.e. power measurements of one million watts).

- For end users (we work with kW, a unit thatis equivalent to thousand watts).

At Quartux, a leading energy storage companyin Mexico, we meet the energy needs of large consumers and electricitygenerators in the country.

We have been working for many years throughoutthe Mexican territory so that our proprietary and patented software generatesgreat energy and economic savings in these companies, since we have the abilityto reduce the cost of your electricity bill by up to 40%.

Lithium-ion batteries and energy storage

Lithium is an alkaline metal that is characterized by being very light, in addition to having an enormouselectrochemical potential and the ability to accumulate a large amount ofenergy stored in a system. In recent decades, their high efficiency has beenproven, and they have gradually become one of the main technologies used forenergy storage, and their success in the field of renewableenergies is undeniable.

As the cost of lithium is decreasingworldwide, its implementation in storage systems is increasing and its marketdemand is growing. Thus, the use of lithium battery systems for energy storageis multiplying exponentially, and it is currently projected that by 2040 itcould reach up to 1,095 GW / 2,850 GWh worldwide.

Do you wantto install a battery energy storage system?

If you are interested in having in yourcompany an innovative system to take advantage of the energy supply and avoidthe high costs of peak hours of the CFE, we are what you are looking for: Quartuxis the best option in the energy storage market in Mexico. We are expertsin the design, installation and operation of an innovative system with whichyou will reduce electricity costs while helping the environment by savingelectric energy.

We have more than 500 thousand hours ofoperation in the market and we permanently monitor the electrical system, withplant parameters, to ensure that your storage system is available every daythroughout the year. We have the support of four Network Operation Centers (NOC)and more than 120 specialized support engineers with the most experience in themarket.

Learn more about this topic in our blog articles: "Electrical energy storage:the system that is here to stay".

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