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Energy storage in large-scale photovoltaic systems

Large-scale energystorage systems help to make the most efficient use of unlimited renewableresources such as solar energy. Thanks to the massive increase in renewableenergy generation, it has now become increasingly necessary for companies andindustries around the world to access the most reliable and cost-effectiveenergy storage solutions.

Large-scale"refers to all energy storage systems of large size and cost-effectiveness, twocharacteristics that enable the industry to meet the global challenges of theenergy transition.

It is a reality thatincreased capacity for renewable energy production alone is no longersufficient to meet the world's electricity demand. For this reason, storagesystems are the essential complement to ensure a better future in the sector:they hold a great responsibility for the global sustainable transition and thevaluable possibility of making almost full use of energy production.

What is the purpose oflarge-scale energy storage?

Energy storage inlarge-scale photovoltaic systems allows the integration of renewable energiesinto the electricity grid and balances the gap between the levels of cleanenergy generation and the energy demand that can currently be covered by them.It is an innovative technology that has demonstrated its enormous potential tosolve major problems such as grid intermittency and instability, which areoften encountered when renewable energies are used.

Likewise, storingclean energy is a fundamental pillar in extremely important aspects, such as theindustry's capacity to curb climate change and damage to the environment, as itcontributes to decentralizing electric power generation and also to achievingimportant goals in the process of decarbonizing energy systems.

As can be seen, therole of storage technology is of utmost importance not only in Mexico, but alsoworldwide, since, by acting as an alternative and renewable source ofelectricity, it manages to compensate for variations in the grid withoutaffecting the environment. Furthermore, as the generation of renewable energiesincreases and their storage also increases, the balance between generation anddemand will be greater.

Advantages of storage inlarge-scale photovoltaic systems

Thanks to itsfrequency and voltage regulation capability, storing the energy production ofphotovoltaic systems could help solar energy to approach the levels of coal,natural gas or hydroelectric generation in a few years.

It also helps toimprove efficiency, lower energy costs and reduce peak demand peaks in thegrids. Although these systems have been in the Mexican market for a relativelyshort time, they have established themselves as the clearest and most necessarysolution for making full use of the energy produced and consumed around theworld.

What is the best way tostore energy?

Battery systems havepositioned themselves as the best opportunity and the optimal solution forenergy storage in large-scale photovoltaic systems: the development of thesesystems has grown exponentially in recent years, but not only that, but as theyachieve their goals and become more and more widespread, their cost is becomingincreasingly lower and more accessible, making them one of the most profitableinvestments in the long term.

Some of the projectsthat help reduce energy consumption and save on electricity bills are: bettingon the installation of solar panels, taking advantage of clean energygeneration in photovoltaic systems and complementing them with the best energy storagesystems, such as Quartux's, or the independent use of storage systems that work with theelectricity grid (without the need for solar panels when the necessary space isnot available).

Combining clean energyproduction with battery storage is the best solution for your company orindustry, since Quartux's state-of-the-art software technology is the mosteffective method to store energy to meet the energy needs of our customers, whoare guaranteed savings on their electricity bills, having an instant backup andhaving the ability to monitor in real time the consumption and electricalparameters of your company.

Write to us and findout that only Quartux gives you the greatest security in energy supply, while reducing the costsof your electricity consumption. This technology is the answer to large-scalestorage for companies with grid supply, or with renewable energy generationplants, as it positively influences the quality and reliability of the powergrid and is simply indispensable to fully integrate renewable energies.

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