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Electricity saving plan in a company: how to do it?

The creation of an electric energy saving plan in a company is a way to reduce its environmental impact, so many companies and industries have taken specific actions so that all their employees and team members join the agreements and proposals for a better management of electric energy.

Creates a commitment to saving electricity

For a company's energy saving plan to work, there must be a real commitment to energy saving on the part of the management of the company or industry and its workers. There are several options to formalize this commitment to energy saving, such as establishing agreements through collective bargaining on the measures to be taken.

After reaching an agreement, a company's energy saving plan will need instruments to formalize it, which can be done through a declaration of principles and an agreement for energy saving in the company. In this agreement or agreement by which the policies of efficient use of electricity and energy saving are established.

Actions of the electric energy saving plan in a company

In order for a company's energy saving plan to reduce energy consumption and move towards energy efficiency, it requires the establishment of specific actions that encourage the participation of workers in good energy use practices.

Some of the steps to achieve this are: form a working team to identify and evaluate the consumption and use of electricity in recent years, create a list of problems to be solved and determine what are the appropriate indicators for energy management in the company.

It is advisable that the working group in charge of this task receives proposals and analyzes them together to establish what will be the best practices for energy use in the company. Subsequently, the company should inform all workers and collaborators so that they are aware of the saving measures and apply them in their daily performance.

Another very relevant point in a company's energy saving plan is the introduction of equipment that contributes to energy saving in the workplace, such as energy storage systems.

Outsourcing: the best ally of industries and companies

As part of a company's energy saving plan, it is advisable to involve external advisors and specialists, since they help to improve energy management, mainly in the technical aspects related to production processes.

The collection of data on energy consumption in installations and equipment makes it possible to identify more clearly the opportunities and ways to save energy. It is very important to determine the energy indicators, either by the total consumption of the company or by the differentiated consumptions, if there are several offices, or if there are factories and warehouses.

In addition, these energy consumption indicators with companies that perform similar activities, through a process called benchmarking, whose results allow to know how much energy is being wasted in the company.

Why is an electrical energy storage system necessary?

Quartux, a leading company in energy storage, is the ideal answer to make a company's electrical energy saving plan work 100%. Quartux experts have extensive experience in analyzing energy consumption in facilities and equipment, which allows them to know how much energy is consumed in each company and industry.

Thanks to this analysis, it is possible to determine the measures needed to make the most efficient use of this resource in each case and to provide the most effective responses, such as energy storage.

A custom-designed energy storage system such as Quartux's helps companies and industries to operate according to their energy needs while generating energy and economic savings, as the electricity rate paid decreases by up to 40%. In addition, they contribute to improve energy quality and avoid interruptions by providing energy backup.

Learn more about the benefits of Quartux industrial battery storage systems.

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