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Electrical devices that store energy: efficiency and savings.

Did you know that storing energy through batteries is one of the most efficient ways to take advantage of electrical energy? Over the last few decades, batteries with greater capacity have been developed for use as electrical devices that store energy and incorporate them into innovative systems with the most advanced technology, such as that of Quartux.

What are electrical devices that store energy?

Among the main electrical devices that store energy are capacitors, which store static or resting charges, and coils or inductors, which are the passive components of an electrical circuit where energy is stored through induction.

Other very important energy storage devices due to their use and operation are batteries. The most common are lead-acid, nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion (or Li-ion).

Industrial lithium batteries are electrical devices that store energy in systems that are setting trends for the future, such as the Quartux platform, which allows energy to be stored for use during peak hours of the CFE and generate energy savings with economic benefits for companies and industries.

Industrial batteries: energy saving and economic

The Quartux industrial battery system modifies customer consumption by charging electricity at cheap times and discharging it at expensive times. With this, not only does it allow the customer to save, but it also protects your business from blackouts with stored energy, shielding your business against electrical interruptions.

In addition, the Quartux smart energy storage system can be installed in all types of industries and users of the electricity market. It is an excellent option for shopping malls, hotels, universities, hospitals and all those users who are charged by the CFE at an hourly rate and who pay very high electricity bills for their consumption at peak times.

What do we mean by “rush hours”? Electricity costs vary throughout the year according to the region of the country, the day and the time. During peak hours, energy consumption is lower, but the cost of the electricity bill rises between 30% and 40%. Therefore, a company that has a higher demand for energy from the grid pays higher costs for the energy used during “peak” periods, which are generally the busiest times. Commercial and industrial consumers are charged on demand at peak hours.

Check here for more information about peak hours to save electricity

Quartux: the best system to store and save electrical energy

At Quartux we use lithium ion industrial batteries as devices that store electrical energy and we design the installation of the electrical storage project according to the needs of each client. Installation is quick and it operates intelligently through control software. Our system helps save up to 40% on electricity bills and allows real-time monitoring of its operation and the energy parameters of customers in real time.

Quartux platform for storing energy is an innovative and profitable system, since it imposes load limits that prevent system degradation and allow its useful life to be at least 15 years. In addition, we provide all of our customers with a 10-year warranty from installation, and when the life of the lithium-ion cells in the batteries ends, we offer module replacement to upgrade your service.

Industrial lithium ion batteries: the energy future

Lithium-ion batteries are the future of the energy and energy storage sector. The use of these devices to store electrical energy has increased in recent years due to their great advantages, such as: excellent charging speed, they store energy in smaller spaces, greater energy density and life cycle. Bottom line: Lithium Ion batteries perform better for a longer time.

Lithium-ion batteries are 30% more efficient than traditional lead-acid batteries and have greater resistance and power for heavy work. These batteries are examples that devices that store energy are a specialized solution for all types of companies. In addition, they do not emit gases, so they avoid the additional costs that systems such as ventilation can cause.

Saving electricity with capacitors

Another of the electrical devices that store energy are capacitors. These electrical capacitors have the ability to store reactive energy, that is, the surplus energy that is produced by industrial motors, and distribute it to convert it into electrical energy that can be consumed. This device that stores electrical energy allows energy savings and, therefore, helps to reduce the amount of the electricity bill.

Capacitors are useful in companies in the industrial sector where large amounts of reactive power are produced. In this sense, they can mean a saving of electrical energy, as well as a saving in your electricity bill.

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