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Benefits of a battery energy storage system (BESS)

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) arechanging the energy industry landscape in Mexico and have become a fundamentalpillar of public and private sector energy strategies.

If you are thinkingabout an energy storage system for your business, at Quartux we have theideal storage solution for you and here we tell you what benefits you willreceive by contracting one of our plans (link to:

BESS systems: power grid stability and security for your business

BESSs offer a widerange of benefits, from energy rate savings to pollution reduction. Theseenergy storage systems are designed to store electrical energy for later use,which means that businesses and utilities can operate with peace of mind andconfidence that they will maintain a constant supply. In this way, they can usethe stored electricity to supply the business's power grid, power equipment orcharge devices during times of peak demand.

Quartux'sstorage system, a leading 100% Mexican company, uses the best rechargeablelithium-ion batteries to store electricity from renewable energy sources. Our solutionharnesses electricity generated by solar panels, wind or biomass generators,allowing users to take advantage of renewable energy and reduce theirdependence on fossil fuel-generated electricity.

How does a battery storage system work?

Energy storage systemsallow consumers to store electricity during periods of low consumption for useduring times of peak demand. This is especially beneficial for consumers whopay variable price rates.

An electrical energystorage system is a set of components designed to accumulate electrical energyproduced by a source, such as a solar panel, and allow it to be used laterwithout fluctuations due to external causes such as weather, blackouts, orgeopolitical reasons. These systems have become a vital part of a company'sability to maintain a continuous flow of power, and their use has becomewidespread in many applications.

The main components ofan electrical energy storage system are an energy source, a battery, aninverter, a charge controller and an energy monitor. The power source, such asa solar panel, generates electricity that is stored in the battery. Theinverter transforms the battery power from direct current to alternatingcurrent, allowing it to be used to power lights and machinery to maintainworkflow without interruptions in electrical service.

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Benefits of the Quartuxsystem for your company

BESS offers greatfinancial benefits and Quartux's system guarantees savings of up to 40% onyour business' electricity bill. Our solution has established itself as thebest option for renewable energy management and offers many benefits comparedto other systems, such as: higher efficiency, more storage capacity, greatersecurity and durability.

Due to its technologyand innovation, the efficiency of the Quartux BESS is much higher thanthat of other similar systems, and among the great benefits it brings tocommercial and industrial users are the following:

·        Abilityto integrate with renewable energy sources.

·        Peakshaving, to manage energy demand without short-term surges.

·        Guaranteeof continuous power flow.

·        Loadshifting, to take advantage of battery storage when energy is more expensive.

·        Flexibility, as grid demand can be reducedwithout changing consumption.

What are the main uses ofbattery storage?

Energy storage is a vital tool for modern industry, as it allowscompanies to save energy and use surplus energy for use when it is most needed,without having to resort to purchasing more expensive energy from anon-renewable source. This results in significant savings in energy costs forbusinesses.

In addition, energystorage can help improve a company's energy security and can be used in manyways beyond emergency backup in the event of a power shortage or blackout.BESSs are gaining popularity due to their ability to provide an affordable andflexible energy storage solution to meet demand when natural resources are notavailable.

Energy storage systems are one of the technologies that are rapidlydeveloping to help the energy transition to a more secure and sustainable powergrid.

Learn more about the Quartux platform in: "Electrical energystorage: the system that is here to stay".

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